How they hack pubg mobile lit ?

How to hack pubg mobile lit ?

Hey whats up guys this is your guy subha here and welcome to this fantastic article which is about how you can hack pubg mobile lit leatest version on your android device without any root !

Yes guys you don't need any kinds of root acces to hack pubg mobile lit on your android device so here we go again !

Before i go through the article let me tell you about i already make an deatailed article about how you can hack pubg mobile 0.14.5 without getting ban and without root , i will highly request you to cheke this out this will also give you a proper idea about how you can hack pubg mobile lit on your android device without any root .


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So, guys lets comes in the main article what you are really looking for i know that is how you can hack pubg mobile lit on your android device so to do this you must need some nessesasry files they all are listed below with proper download link .

  1. Game gudian app
  2. Host file
  3. Vertual app
  4. Hacking script
  5. Strenge vpn


Here is the total step by step guide by which you can easyly hack pung mobile lit within few steps so here we go.

1st step : downlaod and install strenge vpn app then open it , and there will be a option called 'selet host file' just click on that and selet the host file you like to choose .

2nd step: open the vertual app i provided then click on add sign , and clone pubg mobile lit and game gurdian app .

3rd step : open game gurdian app from vertual app then click on start and you will see a "pop up" of game gurdian widget .

4th step : then go to pubg mobile lit and open it then from the pop up widget of game gudian selet in prosses "pubg mobile lit "

5th step : just go to the play option on game gudian app and execute hacking script which i provided in .lua format .

6th steps : BOOM ! after this hacking menu willl be appeare and you are all set to go .

7th step : choose the hacks you want and enjoy the game !


1. Make sure that when you are playing the game using my hacking script turn off then on the internet connection on your phone 5 min repitedly it will clear your device log and keep you safe from getting ban !

2. Do not use too many hacks like magic bullet , car fly , high jump,  no damage the more less hack you will use the more you will get the chance to get ban


Here is a little video about how you can hack pubg mobile lit on your android device without any root i hope you will enjoy it sir ,

(Video coming soon)


So, dear beautiful techy people i have to end this article here i hope you guys get some important knowledge about how to hack pubg mobile lit on android device without getting ban right ? Let me know in the comment section below if you guys facing any kinds of problem , i would like to know your thoughts also . 

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  1. Strenge VPN open krne ke baad add host prr Kya krne hai bhai