Pro gamers train for 15 hours a day in South Korea

For many people, the concept of income, in which the experts are living, seems like a dream has come true. With unlimited access to modern gaming platforms and unlimited peripherals.

Pay for playing video games throughout the day, winning a large amount of prizes looks great on paper to compete in the world championship, and jets around the world There is a possibility of a game.

However, the fact is that some players leave duty, because it requires unreliable dedication, dedication and perseverance to call for a professional’s lifestyle every day.

We all have a favorite break which we like to go back and forth, but at this time you almost need to dedicate this title to this time, this tour is 80 hours a year, very short For the time?

To get an idea of ​​the highest level of skillful games you want to become a contender, we traveled to Seoul to visit GenG headquarters in South Korea, which is for some people who win the World Video Game Championship.

There is a worldwide sports group. Like the League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and PUBG – this is what we have searched for.

Play hard

In South Korea, e-Sports is referred to as the Mecca of many people by rural, skilled sports is an important institution. In the beginning of this year, GenG earned $ 46 million in football funding, Hollywood star William Smith was counted in good number of merchants.

Formerly known as KSV Esports, GenG (Fast Technological Games) was established in 2017 and since then has expanded its access to workplaces in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

It consists of 11 full groups (with three academic groups) and is ranked seventh in Forbes’s top sports institutes list.

Upon reaching the company’s headquarters, in which there is a masonry seven-storey concrete building, it became clear that it does not matter whether a pro-game organization, GenG was not here to roam – they were killing the ass and Were taking tournaments.

Fully Furnished

As soon as our earth-to-earth journey begins, we can combine with gaming computers, with the number of stylized, crowded rooms and high performance video cards, SSD and water cooling methods, such as all high performance indoor games.

Be amazed. RGB light is similar to the expected rainbow and brand G. Esports.

Despite the complete notebooks limit through the creation process, we were stunned to know that being the owner of microprocessors, through the expert’s views, is more important than being the latest GPU.

Jinn Gin, commander of the group, says, “All instruments are really necessary, but I say that keyboard and mouse pad can be important because they are like weapons of combat.” , Which was further determined by its player title, Cuvee.

In a short time, we learned from Cuvee that issues such as luxury gaming chairs and ultra-wide display are far more luxurious than the requirement.

“For the chair, as long as it is comfortable, it is useful, and for the screen, as long as I can find out what is going on, it is useful.”

We want a montage

In fact, you should be comfortable, looking at the amount of games played by geng games every day. To give us an idea, Que leads us through an average day in the life of Team Leader General Jee.

“As soon as I wake up, I wash my own breakfast, then start training immediately till lunch, break lunch and then sit for an hour or two, then my afternoon Training starts, which lasts until dinner time. Other until I go to sleep. ”

Jinhong’s gaming division co-observer Zihun Lee confirms this claim. “On average, during a session, [players practice] 12 to 15 hours a day, off-season, they train for at least eight hours a day.”

Occasionally, players arrive at Gen.G headquarters in the morning, and usually start a training tour in the back. It usually progresses well before 1 o’clock.

In fact, players should use this time to practice the game that they strictly follow, which means that you will not be able to find them because they follow different titles in the working hours.

“I have strict coverage to oppose it, for example, whenever players are in this setting during training, they have to stay in place of their expertise, but in fact they.The matter is that they are on a journey or if they are at home. ”

“Logic is the result for this coverage because the games are out of the ceremony, and if you are considering.


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