Blogger new uodate 3.0.1 download & know everything

Blogger is a platform where you can easyly creat cool websites with just knowing simple html coding even guys let me tell you my website is even hosted on blogger , i am using blogger instead of wordpress there is lots of reasons one of them is the money .

As, i am a biginer and belongs from a really middle class family so its really hard for me to collect money for a good web hosting that can handel my website without crashing . So, i choose blogger platform where i got unlimited hosting of google own for absolutely free . Even you don't need a domain to start a blog on blogger you can use a free subdomain of blogger with this you are ready to start a blog with absolutely zero investment . With this when you will start earning money from your blogger website you will able to buy your own hosting and easyly migrate to wordpress or anyother blogging platform . 

What is new update brings to us ? 

We are talking about the new update of blogger what have come on google playstore in September with the version of 3.0.1 with leatest update. This app was released on 2011 and after that this app was no longer updated there was lots of bugs to fix like - 

(App before the update)

1. No one can view there post stats here.
2. No one can insert any links here.
3. This app was crushing in lots of devices spacially in samsung . 
4.There was very less options to use . 
5. It was very hard to write a cool seo frindly post in blogger.

(App after update) 

After uodate there has lots of changes that will really helpfull for you , they are - 

1. You can set lebels for each post very easyly.
2. No crushing issues .
3. App is very light weight and very fasting.
4. This app now consumes less data . 
5. You can easyly edit your posts with apl and make very good seo friendly posts that can give you good amount of ranks in google sarch engin.
6.This app comes with very less size with just 12 MB you can download it from Google play store with one click by just sarching " blogger " .

New cool features in blogget new update 

In blogger new update there is lots of cool features to discuss about today we gonna discuss that topic too , let me tell you don't expect too much from blogger it is very good news for us that google is freely providing this us this amount of things for free , that should be enough for us for free right ? 

So, lets have a quick review of this app that will really helpfull for you . 

1. With this app you have new UI i.e. new user interface so here you will get a list of all post which you alreafy publised and after side of that there will be a draft section where all you drafted posts are listed , you can acces them very easyly too . 

2. After that by clicking on pen button you can easy publish any post with your sweetable lebels you want to post about ! 
3. Also in post writing you can easyly coose title and there is now lots of option with bold, italic , under line section and you can easy import image from directly from you galary. 

Audience thinking about blogger new update 

Though we are discussing about blogger new update right so there is lots of user already who has used this so why not lets take  a quick review of this app given by there . I already provides you the best and the worst reviews from google playstore . 


I hope you guys got a whole idea about blogger new update right ? Let me know your thoughts in comment section below i would love to know . 


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