Pro tips for playing TDM | 20+ kills in every match

How i play TDM in pubg mobile ?

Hey whats up guys this is your guys subha here and today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic that is how i play TDM match in pubg mobile and get more than 20 plus kills in each match nearly . 

Guys we all play pubg mobile right but i play pubg mobile on emulator by using an emulator developed by tencent officials called gameloop guys please stay with me i gonna make lots of articles about lots of tips and tricks on game loop so here we go , guys before i start the article let me tell you about that i already make an article about how hackers really hack pubg mobile on there android device you guys can cheke that out .

So, guys let me tell you how i play TDM . 

Though i am a emulator player so 1st off all to keep my self safe from 10 year or 10 Minuit ban i basically delet all my temp files in this way 

  • I pres win+R button then sarch these three codes temp , %temp% , prefetch 
  • and then delete all the files this will clear all my temp file and clear my browser data so tencent cant caught me that i am using any kinds of 3rd party app to play tdm . 
  • then basically i open a 3rd party app provided by vnhax which is really very safe and i am trying it from season 4 so you guys can imagine how safe it is right ? 
  •   then i need to put the key if i have not download any key then i download the key in the down below video i will tell you about how to download key . 
  • then a command prompt will open and download a dll file that will gonna works for the leatest pubg mobile . 
  • then i open game loop 
  • after opening the game loop it is done there will be a pop up widow you just need to press ok then it will ask for another key , 
  • if i have not that key i just download that very easyly 
  • then here comes the main topic the settings for aimbot 
  • 1st of all in aim bot section cheke all the ticks and then in macro section set it to "1" . 
  • ENJOY ....

coming soon 


So, guys this is the way i play TDM in pubg mobile guys i m using this trick since season 4 and i have not yet ban , you guys can cheke my states too that will really motivate you alot . in this wat you will be a pro in pubg , tell me yuor thought in the coment section below . 


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