What is degoGH file ?

What is degoGH file ? 

Hey whats up guys this is your guy subha here and today we are going to talk about what is What is degoGH file ? who use this files and how this file can help you to do lots of stuffs .

Who is the devoloper of degoGH ? 

DegoGH is developed by a arbi devoloper name DEGO . Who provides An exe file which will helps you to hack pubg mobile on emulator it is not matter which emulator , you are using either it's game loop or tencent gaming buddy it does not matter it also works on kinds of emulator .

With the help of this you can do it very simply very easily without any problem or without facing any problem like 10 year Ban or 10 minut ban.

What will you get get in it ? 

In this file you will get lots of kinds of things like ESP by which you can easily detect Enemies on pubg mobile while you are playing in emulator which will make sure gameplay more easier more faster and make me a pro of pubg mobile . With this you can get aimbot guys let me tell you that I'm bored is a really server based I request you not to use aimbot but if you want to use import then you can use at your own risk I will not give you guarantee of your account banning of 10 year and 10 minutes.

If you want to use aimbot you just need to go to import section of your hat then you just click on import there is two type of import one is head import II is naikhe MOD you just need to click on first neck and then click on head and after that you are 2 ful was every percentage hundred percent 10% hundred percent that it will work smoothly on your PC.

How to download this 

{ Install full driver before doing this }
So guys to download this is a key to go to the download page  and you can easily simply waiting 15 sec download this exe file very easily without getting any problem if you are facing any problem while downloading this file then do let me know in the comments .

How to use Dego ? 

So guys to use this file you just need to you follow some simple steps they all are given below

1. First of all you must have to turn off your computer defender system which is a anti Malware photo already built in India Windows I delete Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Windows or any kinds of os.

2. Then you have to download the file which I already have given you the download link from the download link to download the file.

3. Then you need to open that file and extract that file and after extracting there is also a jeep file and you also have to struck that file to and the file password is 123.

4. After extracting you just need to open your game by clicking on a file start game rope after click monster game loop.

5. Your game look will automatically open then you just need to open exe file and then it will ask for key .

6. By following some simple steps you can easily download the ke and your hack will automatically start in the background and you can easily use it.


So as if you are facing any problem regarding this Hak audio file you just need to know me in construction I will make you reply in few seconds that will helps you better and let you better grow. And I will love to know your thoughts.



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