How hackers use ESP on pubg mobile ? or any kinds of mod menu

 How hackers use ESP on pubg mobile ? or any kinds of mod menu 

Hey whats up guys this is your guy subha here and today we are going to talk about How hackers use ESP on pubg mobile ? or any kinds of mod menu . As of your knowledge let md tell you this a very easy trick and totally tested even my friend tested it on there phone ateast 100+ classic matches in asia server . So, this is totally safe and you guys need not to warry about anything . So , without weating any more time lets get into the tutorial .

 How hackers use ESP on pubg mobile ?

So , before we go into tutorial let me tell you that if you havking pubg mobile then one day today or tomorrow definately you gonna ban for sure , So i will suggest you to go for legit ways improve your skills and beat everyone even i am also a legit player now i stoped using hacks . 

Even after if you wanna use ESP or cheating in pubg mobile then you must follow my procedure they all are given below . 

Steps to using ESP for pubg mobile 

So guys to perform this kinds of ESP hack you must follow some procedure here are they - 

1. Download nessessary files : To perform this trick you must download some nessessary files like - 
  • Pubg mobile 0.18.0 global ( Go to playstore ) 
  • vertual space ( Link here
  • Mod menu apk ( Link here

2. Uninstall original global version : To uninstall the game easyly without loosing any data that you don't need to download whole 2 GB game again here is the trick . 

a) 1st go to your file manager and thenfind the folder name 'Android' 

b) Rename it into anykinds of name like 'Androidx12' whatever you wanted to write . 

c) Then uninstall the game , and boom you have successfully uninstall the game without lossing data . 

3. Install the mod apk of global version 0.18.0 : I alreafy provided the link from where you can download pubg mobile global mod apk . just simply install it . 

4. Rename the folder name 'Androidx12' to 'Android' : To lossinga ny data orskip the downloading of 2 GB again you must do this step 

1st go to your file manager and delet 'Android' folder first & then rename the folder name 'Androidx12' to 'Android' thats it , you have got pubg mod apk without any lossing data . 

5. Clone PUBG mobile and mod menu apk : I already provided an app called vertual space just intall that app and open it then clone two app one is PUBG mobile and one is mod menu apk . 

6 . Open mod menu and in vertual space app and then click on NoRoot and launch the game 

And BOOM! yiu got pubg mobile mod menu sucessfully without doing any kinds of hard work . 

Thing you keep in mind

Before performing this trick you guys must have to follow some things you must have to keep into mind either you can get a 10 year ban or something like that . 

1st of all to perform this trick you must have a very decent device with atleast 4GB RAM and snapdragone 665+ processor othewise you hack will crash automatically. 

2nd of all give this trick a try on a fake account if its works properly then give it try to main account . 

3rd Don't use this hack while ban web 

4th best of luck 


So, guys here the trick has ended hope you guys will now able to perform ESP in 0.18.0 global version , even if you guys are having problem with this trick then do let me know in the comments i will give you replay or sure. Thanks for reading ! 



  1. bhai mod download ni ho rha hai zip file ban ja rha hai please help me bro


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