Get anyone's phone password with android

Hey what's up guys this is your guy subha here and today we are going to talk about how you can get anyone's phone password remotely with your android phone just what you need is just simple android device , and some coding skills and little bit of social engineering . So, in this article i am going to discuss briefly about this trick .

Nessessary files that needed to perform this !

There is lots of way by which you can get anyone's password with android but most trusted , effective & easy way is Termux terminal . So, to perform this trick we must have to things they all are given bellow .

1) Termux moded apk ( LINK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD )
2) Git clone URL ( Provided download below)
3) some basic commands ( shown download below step by step )

How to perform this tricks ?

1) first of all you need to download Termux moded apk ( click here to download ) and then install it on your android device.
Don't get penic it's trusted .

2) 2nd of all you need to open Termux terminal and provide some codes step by step as given below

(N.B. Befor starting this trick guys please use your mobile data and keep on your hotspot )

Open Termux then in command type

And after this you gonna have a clone phishing link and then you have to copy that link and send that to your victim and with social engineering tell them to open the link. 

    When your victim will open the link he will redirect to youtube but when he will redirect he have to give his password and this way you will get anyone's phone password very easyly :)


So, guys i told you guys in detail how you can perform this trick and get anyone's phone pin code guys please don't use this at home its totally illegal i make this article just for educational purposes only .


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