Termux mod apk advance hacking tool hacker use

Hey whats up guys this is your guy subha here and welcome to this article in this article i am going to discuss about the app Termux app that most of the ethical hacker or black hat hacker use to perform for lota of thing like -

1) penitrestion testing
2) vernability testing 
3) fllow testing
4) phishing attack 
5) php server testing
6) github testing 

Brief description about Termux app 

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically - additional packages are available using the APT package manager.

Secure. Access remote servers using the ssh client from OpenSSH. Termux combines standard packages with accurate terminal emulation in a beautiful open source solution.

Feature packed. Take your pick between Bash, fish or Zsh and nano, Emacs or Vim. Grep through your SMS inbox. Access API endpoints with curl and use rsync to store backups of your contact list on a remote server.

Customizable. Install what you want through the APT package management system known from Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Why not start with installing Git and syncing your dotfiles?

Explorable. Have you ever sat on a bus and wondered exactly which arguments tar accepts? Packages available in Termux are the same as those on Mac and Linux - install man pages on your phone and read them in one session while experimenting with them in another.

With batteries included. Can you imagine a more powerful yet elegant pocket calculator than a readline-powered Python console? Up-to-date versions of Perl, Python, Ruby and Node.js are all available.

Ready to scale up. Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and hook up your device to an external display if you need to - Termux supports keyboard shortcuts and has full mouse support.

Tinkerable. Develop by compiling C files with Clang and build your own projects with CMake and pkg-config. Both GDB and strace are available if you get stuck and need to debug.

Why you should use Termux ? 

If you wanna be a ethical hacker and you don't have a laptop you wanna keep grinding your knowledge through android just then this app is must for you .

You don't need any kinds of high end device , with juat aimple low end device it gonna run smoothly & spacially this is made for android platforms only . So , with this app you can easily be a white hat hacker with android phone just with proper knowledge .

How to use Termux app ? 

To use termux app 1st of all you need to download it ( I already provided the download link below )

Then you must have basic knowledge about commad promote , you can control Termux app with commands just otherwise it not gonna work . So, if you wanna work with Termux then you must have basic knowledge about termux coding .

Soon i gonna make a detailed video/ article about Termuc command tutorial .

How to download Termux moded apk ? 

Go to - 'Termux download page '  to download termux moded apk , with just one click you can download it easyly .


So, guys i already provided the download link for Termux just go there and download and learn and enjoy :)

This is mr.techy signing out 


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