DEDSEC Android Hacking Course Free Download

DEDSEC Android Hacking Course Free Download 

Hey what's up guys this is your guy subha here and as i promised on my blog i will keep posting about lot's of courses that are very much paid on online platform, So here we go with another article about DEDSEC Android Hacking Course Free Download where you will get to know about and advanced and very expensive hacking tutorial that is DEDSEC where you will got knowledge about lot's of things, and fun fact is it's totally free. Farther below i have explained details about DEDSEC Android Hacking Course Free Download . 


DEDSEC Android Hacking Course Free Download

Features of DEDSEC Android Hacking Course

So, now before you go to the free download page let me explain little bit about Features of DEDSEC Android Hacking Course. that you can get a brief syllabus of this course and also will help you alot to learn faster and became a ethical hacker.

(A)Complete Course Of Wifi Pentesting 

  1. Setup your Pentesting PC
  2. Linset
  3. Fluxion
  4. WIFI Phisher
  5. Hashcat GUI
  6. Aircrack GUI
  7. Pentesting Hidden WIFI
  8. Bypass mac Filtering WIFI
  9. Attack on Enable WPS Router
  10. WIFI Pentesting on android phone
  11. Pentesting WPA2 On Windows Machine
  12. Bruteforce WPA/WPA2 Network with a handshake
  13. Facebook Pentesting New Method
  14. 2 Unique WPS PIN Dictionaries and 10 Wordlist Dictionaries
(B)Facebook & Instagram Pentesting
  1. Pentest facebook On Local Networks
  2. Facebook latest Bruteforce Method
  3. Pentest Instagram using Fack page
  4. Pentest Instagram using Fake followers Technique
  5. Crypter 888RAT Silent Exploit IE
(C)ERC Course By DedSec
  1. Carding Products And Plan With Bins
  2. Cut off the Internet From Any Device
  3. EvilGinx On DigitalOcean
  4. EvilGinx On Freenom
  5.  Pentest Paid VPNS
  6. Pentest With Binded EXE
  7. Make your own FUD Crypter
  8. Malware Analysis
  9. Silent Exploit On Chrome
  10. Socks Vs. VPN
  11. WEBRTC
  12. Advance WIFI Pentesting
  13. Android Pentesting
  14. Android Screen Lock Cracking
  15. Attack and down All Wifi networks In Your Area
  16. Basic of Linux Operating System
  17. BeFF Over WAN Attack
  18. Black Hat Mailing
  19. Bug Bunty English
  20. Carding
  21. CCTV Camera Pentesting
  22. Crack any software
  23. Dos And DDOS Attacks
  24. Email Bombing
  25. Email Hunting
  26. Pentesting With Wireshark
  27. Information Gathering
  28. Making Money Online
  29. MITM Attack on HTTPS
  30. Mobile Verification Bypass
  31. Port Forwardng without Routers
  32. Powerfull Doxing
  33. Recon-ng
  34. Sim Cloaning
  35. Social Engineering
  36. Tracing Exact Location
  37. Website Pentesting
  38. Website Vulnerability Scanning
  39. Windows Pentesting
  40. You Should Know Before Pentesting
(D)Advance Course of Android Pentesting

Android Pentesting and Penetration Testing course is a highly practical and hands on video course. The course will focus on the different tools and techniques for testing the Security of Android Mobile Phones. During the course, You will learn various topics such as Android Botnets With Live Keylogging Support, Android PHP RATS, Android APK Crypting and Exploitation, Coding Ransomware in Android Studio, static and dynamic Concept of android RATS etc. After finishing this course you will be able to perform a Penetration test on a given Android device and its applications

  1. Introduction to Advance Pentesting
  2. Pentest Android With SAS Out Of Network
  3. Pentest Android Without Any Apk
  4. Lifetime Free Port Forwarding
  5. Crypt Any APK With Unique Method
  6. Make Your Own FUD Botnet
  7. Pentest Android With FUD RAT
  8. Pentest Android With Free Constant Port Forwarding
  9. Android Powerful FUD Ransomware
  10. Android FUD PHP RAT
  11. Bonus 5 Extra Latest RAT For Android For Free

(E)Complete Basic Course Of Kali Linux

  1. Introduction To Pentesting
  2. Create a Virtual machine Environment
  3. Use Kali Linux & Network Security
  4. Updating Repositories and Installing Virtualbox addition Tools
  5. Installing Kali in VMWARE Workstation + Google advance Searching
  6. Find people online and learn Kali Command
  7. What is Cookies Operating system and how to install VMware
  8. What is Keylogger and How To Use Linux Directories Terminals
  9. Use RAT by Kali Linux Commands
  10. Become Anonymous Online TOR VPN Proxy and Linux command
  11. Pentest  a website with Havji Using Kali Linux
  12. use Proxychains on Kali Linux
  13. Configure VPN And DNS
  14. MacChanger On Kali Linux Repeat Proxychains
  15. Use NMAP
  16. Use GeoIP
  17. Introduction to Wireless and Debian
  18. Sniff And Windows Tools Cain-and- Able
  19. Protocol Administration Tools RAT
  20. Learn about Wireless Terminology

Requirements for DEDSEC Android Hacking Course

So. guys before you guys go through the download page let me explain what kinds of things you must have to complete this DEDSEC Android Hacking Course.

1. You must have a very good mobile device with at least 3 GB of ram otherwise kali linux OS will not work properly. 

2.There have also some course video for which you must need some good pc like with some requirements :

  • Windows Operating System
  • Linux Any Distro
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Core I3-5 Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • Size 3 GB Highly Compressed
  • Ultra HD Videos
  • Skill level: Beginner Level

Download DEDSEC Android Hacking Course

Finally here we come for which you are here to Download DEDSEC Android Hacking Course, So to download click on the given download button and download it very easily.


At the end article ends here, so now you have download link to download the course. So, why you wasting your time go and learn the course and also do let me know the thoughts in the comments section i will love to know them. PEACE OUT. 


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