Download Active.sav file for pubg | less recoil,autoheadshot

 Hey, what's up guys this is your guy Subha here and today we are going to talk about Download Active.sav file for pubg | less recoil, auto headshot, and also we are going to talk about how this actually works that will definitely gonna help you in pubg mobile. And also it will gonna help you to get that chicken dinner.

What is Download Active.sav file for pubg | less recoil, auto headshot?

Guys before I go through the article let me explain a little bit about What is Download Active.sav file for pubg | less recoil,autoheadshot? 

Basically, it's and active.sav or you can say config file by which you can configure your pubg mobile to unlock lots of features like-

  • You can unlock 60 fps if you have very low end device
  • you can get less recoil all most 80% less recoil in every gun
  • your pubg mobile ami assist will get more stronger that is why it will easier to you to kill an enemy in the game and you can get more kills and get a good carrier result and also you will get good respect from others
  • you can use it in your main id because it's not an hack its basically a config file
  • and also you can sell this one by which you can have eaqrn more money but I will provide it to you for free. 

How you can perform this on your phone?

Okey guys to perform the Active.sav file for pubg | less recoil,autoheadshot on your android phone you just need to download a tool that I will provide you in the down section. Just go there and download the files and you are ready to go.

  • 1st open the app and put the key "FIXV2" then click on log in
  • then there will be some options like ram, fps selet them according to your device configuration. 
  • Then turn on all the hacks like less recoil, aim assist, magic bullet etc. 
  • And you are all set to go just press on the run button and you are done! 

Disadvantage of this active.sav file

As you are downloading this from my website let me tell you some disadvantages of the tool. As, this tool is still in beta version its keep on going updating its files and makes all the bugs fix they are-

  • If you have low end device and processors then this hack is not for you 
  • game can be leggy on low end device 
  • I save some crashes in the game 
Thtas all the cons of the tool if you have a very good device than you are very good to go and now with this you can easily have chicken dinner but with low end device developers are still trying to fix these issues don't loose hope. 

When developers will update the tool I will defiantly gonna update that here as soon as possible so keep visiting. 

How to download that active.sav tool 

Okey! guys, finally we have reached that placed where I will teach you about how you can download the file without any issue just press on the download button below and you are ready to download thew file and remember the key is "FIXV2"



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