How Hackers Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era

 Hey, what's up guys this is your guy Subha here and today in this short article we gonna discuss about How Hackers Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era that is most awaited post in my youtube channel and social media handle. So, today I gonna teach you about How Hackers Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era. Before going through the article let me explain the Disclaimer of the article or about Pubg Mobile Hack. 

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So, guys if you are trying these tricks to perform hacks on the pubg mobile v1.0 gaming era then let me tell you please use a second id because this hack is totally free and as you know free hacks got patched very easily right so don't use it on your main account. If you are using these on your main account then there is a chance to getting a ban so I already gave a disclaimer so you can't blame me. 

How Hackers Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era

Hacker or cheaters means who basically use hacks to cheat on the game they are called a cheater & How they Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era i will teach you that. 

So, if you wanna do it successfully then follow my given steps down below. 

Always remember to use these hacks very carefully otherwise your account can be ban permanently for just like 10 years and your account tier will be reset like you will reach bronze v. 

Step by Steps to Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era

So, to do this trick successfully just follow these steps :

A) Download the necessary files from the given download link. 

Okey! guys to perform these tricks you must need some necessary files all of there download links are given there. 

N:B: All files work here
Download your files according to the video date.

{TODAY Hack Files}

{24 Sptember hack files}

{22 September Hack Files}

{21 Sept. Hack Files }
{20 September hack files }

{19 September Hack Files Video Coming Soon}
Download all 4 files guys for 1000% antiban

{18 September Hack Files Video LIVE}

{18 September Hack Files Video LIVE }

{16 September Hack Files Video coming soon}

{15 September Hack Files Video live}

{14 September hack files live}

{13 sept Hack files video live } 

{New Video Files Video live}

{Old Hack links to the video on channel}

{Old hack already video live}
After downloading all of the above necessary files you are good to go. 

B)Installing all the files I have provided

So, guys after downloading you must have to install all of those to install those apps on your phone you just need to follow some simple steps. 

  • Open your phone settings
  • Search there about UNKNOWN SOURCES 
  • If it is turned off then turned it on. { Basically, it will give your device permission to install another 3rd party app}
  • After that uninstall the old play store version game from your phone. { If you already have an older version} 
  • Then install the apk which I provided to in the given link. 
  • After a successful install, you can ENJOY!

C) Open the Virtual app and clone. 

After downloading and installing you must have to open the Virtual app and then there will be options like "+" after clicking on that you just need to add the Mod menu apk and pubg mobile v1.0 the new era. 

D) Open Pubg Mobile and Injector 

  • After cloning you have to one pubg mobile game from that virtual app and then you have log in.
  • and then you have minimized that game.
  • Open the Virtual app for the 2nd time and this time open Injector v1.0
  • Active the Hacks 
  • Then go return to the game which you have minimized and BOOM! 
There will be a mod menu with all kinds of hacks that you must need. 

My Thoughts 

So, I wrote a total brief article about How Hackers Perform Mod Menu in PUBG MOBILE v1.0 New Era I hope you gonna like that, and please don't forgot to tell me your thoughts in the comment section and feel free to ask me anything I am always active here. 



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