Rule Mod Menu Update Problem FIX-Read How?

 Hi, there a few days ago I uploaded a video on my youtube channel about How I Use ESP on Pubg Mobile for free! and I got a really good response to that video. Also got lots of comments regarding that video they are like- Sir, the ESP file that you have given to me is asking for an update

So, in this very short article, I am gonna talk about how I fix that issue and also gonna talk about Rule Mod Menu Update Problem FIX-Read How? So, let's go through the article and I will tell you about Rule Mod Menu Update Problem FIX-Read How

What Is Rule Esp?

Before I tell you about Rule Mod Menu Update Problem FIX-Read How? let me give you a little example of what is Rule Mod menu? that you can have an idea about what we are doing here actually. 

Rule Esp is basically an APK format file or I can say an android app by ticking the unknown source you are allowed to install this app on your phone for free as a 3rd party application. 

It will help you to inject in Pubg Mobile server by which you can use lots of faculty. 

  • Enemy position
  • Enemy Health
  • Wall Hack 
  • Anti Ban 
  • Report File Bypass
  • Less Recoil
  • Aimbot
  • ETC. 
Those are the key features of the RULE Mod Menu APK. But the main problem is when you are using it on your virtual its asking for an update right? So, let's fix this issue. 

Why It Is Asking For Update?

So, basically, when a developer makes and android apps there are lots of bugs to fix. So, they keep updating the app for smooth user experience and much more like security issues, fix old bugs. 

How to Fix Update the problem?

Okey! guys, now I will tell you Rule Mod Menu Update Problem FIX-Read How? So, for this, you just need to update the app or Injector that you are using.

I provided i link down below from where you can easily update the app that will fix the issue automatically. Just go there and wait for 30 seconds and you are ready to go.


Finally guys with these tricks I think your problem of getting an update will be solved I think? do let me know in the comment section that will really help me a lot to improve my self more. 

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