What is t1 and t2 custom room in PUBG mobile?

Hey, what's up guys this is your guy Subha here and today in this very short article we are going to discuss what actually is t1 and t2 screams in pubg mobile that all pro players and all kinds of competitive player are using to get into a very good place in the competition and also beside this I am making you sure that you guys have batter knowledge about how you can get into competitive or something like that not only in pubg mobile but also in a competitive scenario with lots of games like COD, fall guys,velorent, etc and that will helps you to build you carrier in esports. 

Okay, guys before I give you total information about t1 and t2 screams let me tell you what actually is scrims?

Scrims are basically an online competition of any kind of particular game like PUBG, COD, etc. where you can take participate to increase your gaming skills or to get some rewards by playing paid screams I hope you guys get that and got a good idea about what are scrims. 

Ther are a few types of scrims like : 

1. paid scrims

where you can earn rewards like real cash or some in-game reward but always remember to take participate in that you must have to give an entry fee with some real cash after that your name will get your name listed and at the scrims times you can play that. After winning you can get your rewards as they promise and if you lose then better luck next time you lose all your money which you gave as entry fees and then with this same procedure you can try again to play another paid scrims.
If you ask me which scrims are best for me I will always say that if you are serious about your gaming career in esports tham definitely you must choose paid scrims. Because if you have something to lose then you will be serious about that and you will be more focused that will helps you to improve your gaming skills and also lead you to some good amount of money if you have good gaming skills. 

2. free scrims 

After paid scrims there comes the free scrims with is very hard to participate in but not impossible you can make it on your own by having a custom room in pubg mobile game. Free scrims are basically free whose final motive is to give you fun or to have practice. 

I personally don't prefer this because you don't have anything to lose so you got less focused which is very dangerous for you and your esports carrier. 

3.compititave scrims 

Here the main panda of esports that is competitive scrims with is basically free to participate but you have to prove yourself to participate in that let give it explain.

Competitive scrims have three parts or more if you want they are like T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9 mainly there are two types of the tire in competitive T1T2T3 buy if you want more then you can go as much as you can.

T3 scrims

Here all the players who participate are avg. players like with 1 to 4 K\D ratio for this here you will see less competition against T1 & T2 and also you can find some noob ness also because anybody can join these scrims that are basically made to improve your skills. 

T2 scrims

Here all the players are pretty good with good gaming skills and good game sense and have very good proper squad coordination which is very necessary to get a good amount of points that will lead you to participate in T1 scrims.

T1 scrims 

If you are a highly skilled player and have a very good squad with you the same amount of skills then you will promote to the T1 scrims where all kinds of professional players can come and give you a proper competition. 

These types of scrims are basically skill-based and organized by top-level esports organizations if you can perform well here then you are ready to roll and get an invitation from a respected esports organization and boom now you are a competitive player.

This is how all kinds of esports works. 


Always remember esports carrier is very risky if you are performing well then you are on the top but if you are not doing good then you can be thrown out of the organization and your gaming carrier can end then I hope you all guys are getting me.

So, it's better to choose a good permanent career I will suggest you consult it with your parents then take some action about what is nesssesarey for you.


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